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With industrial upgrading automation brings financial and productive profitability reducing the costs while maintain high quality levels.

By innovating technologically, they create bases for optimizing processes, automating them and making them effective.

The result: Through research and development based on effective systems and services by identifying customer needs competitive solutions are created.


It consists of carefully evaluating the compressed air network and detecting leaks that compromise the quality and efficiency of compressed air for pneumatic application.

By detecting, documenting and classifying compressed air leaks through the use of high sensitivity ultrasonics, the customer understands their superfluous cost and acts accordingly, eliminating leaks and reducing losses / costs.


Prior to an installation, it is critical to define the parameters and criteria for intervention planning.

That's why we provide our qualified technicians so that, with their know-how, they choose the best components for each application, and install and replace tools, equipment and pneumatic and electrical panels, control panels, and installation and sizing of the compressed air network.


Your tools will work best with a preventative maintenance program, by analyzing each one by model, serial number, and conservation status.

Sensitizing and implementing preventive repairs is essential to the health of your tools and machines.
Replacing air filters and mufflers, taking into account the concepts of lubrication ratio in equipment and the re-tightening of accessories is essential and is an important part of maintenance.



Permarind is part of Festo's Official Repair Partner network as a mechanical repairman for Festo products in the Portuguese and Spanish markets.

The repair consists in the curative maintenance in punctual damages, as well as in the attempt to solve technical anomalies.

The elimination of leaks, increasing the viability of the equipment, is also a form of curative maintenance, as well as the replacement or repair of damaged components in our workshop, with specialized technicians and equipment.


Permarind develops projects of technical solutions in electrical and pneumatic automation, installation of compressed air lines, structures in aluminum technical profiles and selection/guidance of parts in electrical vibration feeding systems.

The definition of the project requested by the client aims to understand its objective, scope, intended approach and its needs and expectations. We consider essential the registration of the Project and the definition of an adequate planning, through the management of resources, the responsible team, the reviews, verifications and validations of the project itself.

Our team strives to proactively manage the entire course of the project, ensuring that only what is requested is delivered to the client, according to any change that may arise in the meantime and has been approved. We also guarantee a continuous communication process between both parties, in order to guarantee the quality of the solution and the good management of the overall schedule.